Metal Tiles
Are you building a new house or do you want to get rid of the problems caused by your old roof?

We are coming at your aid with the best solution of metal roofing with the best quality, durability and aesthetically pleasing.  

Life Span - over 50 years. 

Ensures your home gets a special aesthetics look and choice from a wide range of colors.  

It has a reduced wight and can be mounted on lightweight structures -- this way you can enjoy lower costs with the house structure. 

It can be easily mounted. 

The cutting / production of metal tiles is done according to the dimension requirement of each client. 

No further maintenance costs: unlike other types of roofing, metal tiles resists the metallic demands and does not require any further painting 

You enjoy it's safety regardless of the weather conditions. Our roofs are resistant to frost, rain , wind and fires. 

Can be used as a roofind material for new constructions as well as for the renovation of old buildings. 

Top Profil Sistem Metal Tiles Roof Advantages: 

Structure of steel plate

Caracteristici Tehnice
  • The raw material from which the metal tiles are produced is galvanized sheet covered with a passivization layer, a primer layer (primary layer), followed by a 25 micrometer polyester layer.  

  • It's made of hot galvanized steel and it is protected on both sides by a multiplayer system so that no cracks occur due to mechanical stress. 

Module Length:                         350 mm

Total Width:                               1180 mm

Usable Width:                            1090 mm

Weight:                                        ≈5 kg/mp

Threshold Height:                      22 mm

Profil Total Height:                    50 mm

Minimum Mounting Slope:      14°

Paint Type:                                  Poliester

Decorative Layer thickness:    25 µm

Technical drawing of steel sheet

Available colors
Ask for a personalized offer

Roof Choice is an important step and that's why our specialists provide you with all the information you need. 

Based on your roof plan / sketch, our consulting team can calculate the optimal roofing along with roof accessories and will help you reduce product loss so that you can get a lower cost for your roof. 

Contact us at the following number +40 757 028 293 or fill out the form below and one of our consultants will contact you as soon as possible. 

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