Sipca Metalica


Sipca Metalica pentru Gard - o alternativa actuala si incomparabila sipcilor de gard traditionale! 

intretinere foarte redusa (nu necesita revopsire, lacuire), cu exceptia spalarii rapide cu furtunul. 

materie prima de calitate PREMIUM

durata de viata peste 50 de ani

ca si lemnul, gardul din sipci metalice are un aspect placut, dar carateristicile sale tehnice ii ofera o durata de viata mult mai lunga

intretinere foarte redusa (nu necesita revopsire, lacuire), cu exceptia spalarii rapide cu furtunul. 

marginile faltuile pentru o durabilitate sporita la deformarea mecanica. 

montajul poate fi executat chiar de clientul final, fara ajutorul unui profesionist si fara cunostinte specifice avansate. 

poate fi montat atat pe zone plate cat si pe teren cu panta in orice moment al anului.

stratul de zinc protejeaza otelul impotriva coroziunii si mentine stratul de vopsea neafectat pentru o perioada indelungata de timp.

Metal Picket Fence - an incomparable alternative to traditional fence pickets.

Just like wood, the Metal Pickets have a pleasant look, but its technical features give the fence a much bigger life span. 

  • Prime material of PREMIUM Quality

  • Very low maintenance (does not require repainting, varnishing), except for quick hose wash.

  • Folding edges for increased durability at mechanical deformation.

  • The assembly can be executed by the final customer, without the help of a professional and without specific advanced knowledge.

  • It can be mounted on both flat and sloping terrain at any time of the year.

  • The zinc coating protects the steel against corrosion and keeps the paint layer unaffected for a long time.

  • Weatherproof, resistant to direct sunlight and mechanical damage

  • One of the most valuable Price / Quality product.

  • Easy to carry, easy to assemble, easy to transport. 

This fence will serve reliably for many years, without the need for special care; does not rust and retains its appearance throughout its life.

The thickness of the material made of metal pickets can vary between 0.40mm and 0.50mm

Height - 1.20m, 1.50m, 1.80m or custom

A liniar meter fits 7-9 pickets, depending on the distance left between the pickets. 

Picket Width: 115mm

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